Best Emergency Locksmith Services Melbourne

Emergencies need quick solutions. Lockout is one of the most common issues that require the services of an emergency locksmith. So if you live in Melbourne and have been locked out of your car or house, we are here to help. We are one of the leading emergency locksmith company in Melbourne who can help you get your job done in no time with the help of our qualified trained professional emergency locksmiths.

Have you been locked out?

No problems. We work 24/7 so that we can help you with whatever locks related assistance you require. We take pride in being the best emergency locksmiths in Melbourne. Our team of police licensed locksmith who has above 40 years of experience in this profession will help provide you with the right solutions to your locking system issues and relieve you of your worries of dealing with mistakes that can be costly.

Our qualified emergency locksmiths have fully equipped vans and can access the latest software, equipment, and products. This makes it easier for us to attend to emergencies 24/7. Most locals in Melbourne metropolitan area have our contact number saved in their mobile phones so that they can get in touch with us in case they or their friends are locked out or have had their keys lost or stolen.

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  • Change, repair, or install a lock

Emergencies need to be resolved quickly. Hiring our emergency locksmith services will assure you that your lock or key problem will be resolved quickly and as efficiently by our team of experienced emergency locksmiths. Also, our professionals will ensure that the job is done without causing any damages to our home or vehicle. Modern lock systems are quite sophisticated. The complicated mechanism of these locks can often make these locks to stop functioning properly. However, since our team of skilled and experienced professionals is equipped with scientific devices and the most recent and advanced tools, they can help fix erratic old locks, make new locks, and unlock accidentally closed doors, making your locks function smoothly once again. A great benefit of hiring our emergency locksmith services is that you can get the right locksmith solution to your lock and key problem. irrespective of whether it is day or night. Our competent and skilled locksmiths will make your life easier by either fixing complicated locks or even replacing them with new ones.

Genuine Round the Clock Service

Our professional locksmiths are police vetted and professionally trained to resolve your entire key and lock issues. So anytime time you are locked out in Melbourne, our capable professionals will resolve your problem quickly (with a fast 30 minutes response) and without any fuss. Also, we provide a ‘free spare key’ with every lockout. The spare keys can be made in our fully equipped mobile work vans, any time of the day or night. Call us to know more about how you can claim a free spare key.


How long does it take for the locksmith to arrive and unlock the door?

The arrival of the locksmith will primarily depend on two factors, your location and traffic conditions. Our qualified locksmiths are spread all over Melbourne and will try to reach you within 30 minutes of your call. When you make a booking, an ETA of the locksmith arrival along with his phone number will be given to you.

The time to unlock will depend on certain factors including the quality of the brand, the age of the lock, and the way the lock has been installed. Generally, it takes about 5- 15 minutes for our locksmiths to unlock the door. The fixed price to open the door will be quoted before the start of the job, regardless of the time or techniques required to unlocking it. This will ensure our customers that we not wasting time raising the bill.

Will I need to prove my ownership of the door or lock that needs to be opened?

To open a door or lock, you will not have to prove your ownership but will need to prove your identity. This is primarily because there may someone other (rental tenant, shop staff, or real estate agents) than the owner that might need our assistance.

We will ask a few questions and request you to show your identity proof. Ultimately, if you have not committed any crime, you will have no problem verifying your legitimacy whenever you are locked out.

My high-security lock has special keys. Can you open the lock without any damage done to it?

As stated earlier, 99% of locked doors we open are done without any damage. However, not all locks can be opened with any damage. Anyone who assures of not damaging the lock while trying to open it is not being honest.

All options such as trying different techniques or gaining entry through a different route will be tried before deciding t damage the lock. However, when drilling the lock would be the only option left to resolve your lockout, you will be consulted before continuing with the process. However, we follow a policy where if a lock is drilled, we will replace it at our own cost.

When you book an emergency locksmith with us, our phone dispatcher will ask all the required information and will also advise you on the available options that will be suitable as per your situation. Modern technology will allow us to send and receive photos making it easier for us to identify the locks and its model.

Having access to emergency locksmith services is vital as it can help maintain your home or vehicle. We at Melbourne not only specialize in an emergency lockout but have our work backed with a guarantee. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and strive to provide 100% satisfaction to our customers each time we called to help. To contact us, call us today to get your support.